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Increase conversions

Engage with prospects 24x7

Add an AI-powered chatbot to your website in minutes, trained on your data

Take over a chat if you want the human touch.

Get ahead with BrightBot

The simplest way to deploy an AI chatbot

You need to engage prospects quickly, before they move on to a competitor

Your website visitors expect to have their questions answered in real time, and now even the smallest team can achieve this.

The AI provides immediate responses, and you can take over if you're available.

Step 1: Train (it's easy!)

Add training text so the chatbot can answer questions about your topics

Step 2: Deploy

Copy-and-paste the embed code to include your chatbot on your website

Step 3: Monitor & Learn

Take over chats if needed, feedback answers to improve the training text

Key features

Manage your chatbot, effortlessly

The BrightBot admin panel provides everything you need to get your chatbot up-and-running within minutes.


Add or import text to train your chatbot


Keep track of conversations and join in, if you want


Test your chatbot & deploy with one click


Brand your chatbot to match your website

Benefits of an AI-powered chatbot

Give your brand a 24X7 presence

BrightBot uses the latest machine learning models to provide natural conversations about the topics you provide.

  • Prospects are much more likely to chat than fill out a contact form

  • Provide fast response times, even when your team is busy

  • Over 50% of queries are routine. Let AI respond to those so your team can focus where they can really add value

The BrightBot Platform

Take a closer look

BrightBot provides an easy-to-use admin panel for you to train and manage your chatbot.

What do you want to know?

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question not answered here, just ask our BrightBot-powered chatbot in the bottom-right of the page!

You've come to the right place! BrightBot enables you to add an AI chatbot that can answer questions about the topics you want it to. Just sign up to use BrightBot and follow the simple instructions to get your chatbot deployed to your website in no time.

To include your chatbot on your website you need to include some embed code - a few lines of code that include the BrightBot JavaScript library. To manage your chatbot you just need to login to BrightBot using web browser. BrightBot is a SaaS (cloud-based) application.

You can get started on our free plan, so you can try BrightBot and see the value it brings. If your usage grows and you need more, you can choose one of the paid subscription plans. We accept payment by credit card, or we can invoice you (NET 30) if you want to pay by bank transfer.